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Exquisite Brass Jewelry - A Popular Choice Amongst Teenagers

The need to adorn the body dates back to pre historic times and is perhaps the second most essential indulgence ever made by man, the first being procreation. Through the ages, there have been many materials used to make jewelry.

The shells from the river beds and beaches, the seasonal flowers, colored stones and beads found naturally and the different metals found embedded in the womb of the planet have all been sued to make exquisite jewelry. Even as our concept of exquisite has changed in time, our need to decorate the body remains the same. The various metals that have been used and are still in use to make jewelry include gold, brass, silver etc.

Exquisite brass jewelry has been excavated a number of times from the ruins and remains of the ancient world. The malleability and versatility of the metal makes it an all time favorite within the industry. Brass is essentially an alloy. It is a mixture of copper and zinc and is in the proportion of two thirds portion of copper to one third portion of zinc.

However, this alloy is also associated with certain allergic reactions like rash and swelling in the areas exposed to the jewelry. Exquisite brass rings, earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and bangles are popular all over the world and now the new trend to sport bling has revived the sued of the metal in jewelry making because of the affordability associated with it.

There is a dedicated market that caters to the demand for exquisite brass jewelry and the maintenance of the same. The metal is much cheaper in comparison to gold and silver and hence it is a popular choice by youngsters all over the world who love to sport bling jewelry. The metal, with its near gold look, makes it a favorite within different cultures.

In case of an allergy to brass, it is advisable to take medical help. There are a number of transparent gels and creams that are now marketed that enable you to flaunt the jewelry inspite of the allergy. All you have to do is coat the area that will be exposed to the brass jewelry and then wear the pieces for as long as you want!

Looking after brass jewelry pieces is relatively very easy. There are a number of ready made and easy to use solutions available in the market. The popular polishes to make your brass jewelry shine basically coat the metal with a very thin layer of oil that not only adds to the luster, but also protects the brass jewelry from tarnish.

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