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Making A Beaded Necklace Or Bracelet For Beginners

I make all my beaded jewelry by hand, on my website I give many genuine gemstone beads to choose from so people can customize their necklaces (also bracelets & earrings). Whatever beads you might use the technique is the same, I personally use only sterling silver parts & genuine beads such as black onyx, turquoise, red coral, aventurine, amazonite (very popular), rhondonite, mother-of-pearls, freshwater pearls, etc...

I personally use only Beadalon wire which is extremely solid, it comes in many colors & variety some ticker & more solid... Much more expensive then most other wires but this is worth it if you want to make a necklace or bracelet that will truly last. Beadalon can be found in most jewelry findings online stores, Ebay, etc...

Also, you need crimps (can be found in sterling silver, plated silver & other metals) and crimps covers (to hide the crimps & give it a nice professional look). There are special pliers sold to use with crimps & crimps covers which makes the job easier but I have done it before with regular pliers well.

Start by measuring the correct height of wire you want cut it with about 2-3 inches extra to what you need. The extra will be cut at the end but will make it easier to work with & do the tips. Always have a ruler with you, it will be helpful many times. So if you want a 16" necklace cut about 18-19" long of wire.

I always start in the middle, so if you have a pendant or a centerpiece for the necklace put it on now. Make sure the bail or loop is solid. Usually I put a sterling silver ball on each side of the pendant large enough to stop the pendant from moving. Look at the bail or loop, make sure the beads you add on each side are larger. Now is time to add all the beads you want, using the ruler make sure you stop at the desired height. Also don't forget that there will be a clasp at the end which will add some height.

For the clasps, there are many on the market. I usually use sterling silver lobster clasp or spring clasp. Also you need a jump ring soldered to fit with your clasps.

So once you are done adding all those beads start ending the tip on one side. insert a crimp, then the clasp loop, then fold your wire back into the crimp. Tighten the wire so there is no loose wire between the crimp & clasp. Then squeeze the crimp shut with some pliers. Once that is done it should be solid. I always pull a little on it to double check.

OK now you cut the extra wire on that side leaving about 4-5mm. Using the pliers you fold it over the crimp. Now grab a crimp cover open it wide enough using your finger & set it on top of the folded 4-5mm wire, covering it & the crimp. Close the crimp cover using your pliers delicately. Once that is all done one side is totally finished. Do the same on the other side using once again a crimp but of course a jumpring instead of a second clasp! Then a crimp cover again. Don't forget it must be tight at the end. You shouldn't see any of the wire. Then again don't make it too tight or the necklace will be stiff.

I hope this is easy to understand. It is quite easy to do but the first pieces you make might need a little work redone later when you get better at it.

Shop around before you buy any findings, some places are making way to much profit on people. Search for "jewelry findings" in search engines, and take a look on eBay also, compare before you buy!

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