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5 Popular Types of Disney Costumes For Adults

When combining the love of costumes with the love of Disney characters, often adults wonder what they can wear, since they don't want to appear childish, juvenile or like they are wearing kids costumes. Popular kids costumes such as Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" or the teacup from "Beauty and the Beast," are cute, but not suitable for adults. There are even kids costumes for older kids or young teens such as Alice from "Alice in Wonderland." While the Alice character may be considered passable in the area of adult costumes, there are much more appropriate and fun adult costumes of Disney characters that can express any mood or look you may wish.

Listed below are five looks for adult costumes of female Disney characters, along with suggestions of costumes for any male or child companions you may have.

If you want to showcase your beauty and play up your femininity, there are many choices from the Disney catalogue. The first representation of beauty that usually comes to mind is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." If you decide to dress up as Belle, your male companion could be the Beast.

Sleeping Beauty and the prince are good costumes for a couple, allowing both of you to look traditionally beautiful and handsome, respectively.

Snow White is another good costume if you want to appear pretty. Men can dress up as the Prince, and children or friends can dress up as any of the seven dwarfs.

Cinderella and her prince make a good couple of costumes for spouses, and female or male friends can dress up as the ugly stepsisters.

One of the most traditional characters from one of the most recent Disney movies, "Toy Story 3" is Barbie, patterned after the popular Barbie doll; and of course, your spouse or boyfriend can compliment a Barbie costume with their own Ken doll costume.

If evil is more your speed, try the Evil Queen from "Snow White." You may remember that the Evil Queen constantly stared into the magic mirror asking, "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." A companion costume to the Evil Queen for any gender could be the Magic Mirror. A female companion could dress as the other incarnation of the Evil Queen, the wicked old woman who carried the poisoned apple.

The first Disney character that usually comes to mind when thinking of evil Halloween costumes is Cruella de Ville from "101 Dalmatians." Accompanying children can dress as Dalmatians as a compliment to your Cruella costume.

Another evil character is Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty." At the end of "Sleeping Beauty," Maleficent has a grand battle with a dragon, so a dragon costume would be a good accompaniment to Maleficent.

Finally, the Queen of Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland" who loved to scream "Off with her head" is well-matched with the wimpier King of Hearts. Children can dress as the Cheshire cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum or the Dormouse.

Sexy costumes are popular at Halloween time for women, and Disney characters, although geared toward children, still provide many options for sexy costumes.

A Jasmine costume from "Aladdin" can be revealing or sheer and show lots of skin. Of course, a good male companion costume is the title character of Aladdin himself.

Another costume that allows for the display of more skin and less fabric is a Pocahontas costume. Your boyfriend or spouse can dress up as John Smith.

Finally, another costume that can be interpreted as more sexy than the Disney version is Jane from "Tarzan." Animal print loincloths can be worn as both Jane and Tarzan for adult costumes that are also sexy costumes.

If pretty or sexy is not your speed, Peter Pan is great for younger women who want to appear as more of a tomboy. Female companions can dress as Tinkerbell, and accompanying children can dress as any of the Darling children from the classic "Peter Pan."

Another tomboy character is Jesse, the cowgirl from "Toy Story." Your male companion can dress as any of the popular "Toy Story" characters such as Buzz Lightyear or Woody.

For more unique costumes and characters that do not resemble humans, try Eve and Wall-E, robots from the movie "Wall-E." Since they are robots and their genders are not specifically referred to, either men or women can dress as either Eve or Wall-e.

Another mechanical costume option for females is Sally or Lizzie from the movie "Cars" with your male companion dressed as Lightning McQueen.

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