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Costumes to Wear to Disneyland in the Winter

Despite winter's grasp, your daughter wants to wear her princess Disney costumes to Disneyland. Disaster? It doesn't need to be. There are a few costumes that will keep a little one warm enough to be outside for the day. If not, there are ways to incorporate winter clothing into those princess Disney costumes.

Pirate costumes are great for little boys. Arrrr, matey! These costumes are well adapted for winter weather. Have him were long pants (preferably something thick!) instead of capris. Tuck a long sleeve or sweater underneath that ragged pirate shirt, and if you need to, slip a thin beanie under the bandanna.

Superhero is another costumes that naturally covers the majority of the body, thus making it a great choice for winter activities. If your son wants to dress up us a superhero, make sure to add layers underneath the body of the costume. Tie the cape on, and he's ready to go!

A cowboy is a great dress up for Toy Story's Woody this year. What about Indiana Jones? Go for a thick flannel shirt for the top of the cowboy costume. The vest on these costumes is essential, keeping your little boy's core warm will help the rest f him stay warm too. Layer the pants, and he should be ready for what the weather has to throw as him.

Girls costumes are fun too. Many kids love to dress up as a Cinderella princess. Since most Cinderella princess costumes are short-sleeved, they can be difficult to winterize. Elbow length white gloves look elegant with this dress, but may not be warm enough. Try wearing a skin-colored thermal underneath the Cinderella princess costume. A light blue or white colored thermal would work as well. Underneath the dress, wear more than just tights- go for sweats! It's great to add thick layers underneath the dress where no one can see them.

A witch is a fun costume to turn into winter attire. Under the black witch costume, add some bright green thermals. This works even better if the dress shows a little ankle! She will feel more wicked than ever with a little green skin peeking out of her wicked witch costume. Green gloves will top off the look. Make sure to have beanie on underneath that thin witches hat!

Snow White Princess is beautiful with a red, blue, and gold dress too hard for your girl to let go of? Well tell her she can still dress up as the Snow White princess at Disneyland this year. This is another dress to add sweats and a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Since the Snow White princess costume isn't as ornate as the Cinderella princess dress, it lends itself better to a coat on top. A simple black coat that you have on-hand may go well with this dress, or a white fur-lined coat would work as well.

If you have teenagers, let your adolescent give her own private concert at Disneyland this winter. The best thing about this Diva's ensemble is that you can make it look any way you wish! Put some fur-lined boots over skinny jeans, and find a top that has sparkles or sequins. Top that with a trendy winter coat and a Hannah Montana wig, and she'll pass a winter super diva for sure!


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